From humble beginnings in Guangzhou, it’s been an extraordinary experience as we’ve grown as a manufacturer and exporter in the field of mobile accessories. Our innovative range of on-trend products include: mobile phone usb chargers, cables and batteries for all devices.

Our goal is to create innovative products that exceed customer expectations. We accomplish this by integrating product development and manufacturing and keeping a clear focus on the product and its function. Driven by technology, we strive for the best solution combining the disciplines of product design, tooling, manufacturing, and quality control. Meanwhile, we are constantly searching, testing and prototyping for new methods and better processes. No detail is left unconsidered. No idea is left unexplored. Through creativity, passion, ambition, motivation and a dedication of our employees, GSMOBILITY secures its goal of being a robust company in the industry of mobile phone accessories.

With nearly 10 years of experience in the industry, GSMOBILITY has established a complete quality management system with ISO 9001:2015 International Quality Standard certification. We adopt the state-of-the-art charging technology and execute a rigorous product testing process from Incoming material, in-process production and finished product before shipment.

GSMOBILITY’s products, including mobile phone chargers, cables and batteries, have been certified with CE, RoHS and FCC. Compatible with popular smart phones such as Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Huawei Mate & P series, our products have been widely introduced to Europe, U.S., Asia and many other regions. Welcome to contact and send us inquiries, we will respond quickly and are always happy to cooperate with you.



All GSMOBILITY solution involve creativity, technological expertise and a close dialogue with partners. The performance, service life and design of our charging products are guided by the demand to meet the high expectations of valuable clients.

That is why we use particularly high-quality materials and modern production technology.

In the dynamic and ever-changing world, GSMOBILITY determines to march further into the global market. With our professional technologies, production expertise and spirit of innovation, we look forward to cooperate with more partners to bring more efficiency into every corner of the world. By combining strong development capabilities with distributed sales network and service excellence, we have become one of the top providers in the market. The highest levels of professionalism from material development through manufacturing, together with a passion for an unlimited potential of mobile charging are the foundation of our worldwide success as a premium charger maker.










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UN38.3 for iPhone Series

UN38.3 for Samsung Galaxy S Series


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